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The Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Peter Hess® Sound Massage is a unique holistic method of working with sound & vibration – a vibro-accoustic form of treatment.

Sound Massage is based on the ancient knowledge of Eastern and indigenous Sound Healing ceremonies but has been especially developed to cater for the needs of the Western world.

According to many spiritual and religious philosophies man was created from sound, he is sound. If a human being is “in tune” with himself and his environment, then he or she is able to arrange his/her life freely, happily and creatively.

Since the early eighties Peter Hess, a German engineering graduate in physical science & technology, has been looking deeper into the effect that music, sound and rhythm have on the human mind & body.

He made numerous trips to India, Nepal and Tibet. Experiences with traditional healers and observations of the Newar, the oldest ethnic group in the Kathmandu valley, demonstrated to him the importance of sound in traditional healing. Based on his manifold personal experiences and inspired by his investigations and experiments he developed the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage with Singing Bowls. Ongoing scientific research and a constant exchange through an open feedback system of trained Practitioners form the basis for its growing success. The Sound Massage is very well suited for private use as well as professional application.

Benefits of the Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Benefits of the Peter Hess® Sound Massage are tied to the placement of the Singing Bowls.

Peter Hess ® therapeutic Singing Bowls are positioned on and around the dressed body and gently tapped with mallets specifically designed for this application.

In this process, the resulting sounds induce audible and perceptible impulses. Due in part to the low frequencies of the harmonic sounds, the subject is rapidly transformed into a soothing state of deep relaxation. In many patients, this develops into a sense of self-awareness, self-confidence, security and self-efficacy. Furthermore the finer, higher vibrations also stimulate body fluids, and set in motion, effectively penetrate to cellular levels. These gentle vibrations can then gently loosen tense muscles, stimulate circulation and have a soothing effect upon deep facial tissue allowing regenerative processes to take place at all levels- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage - Areas of Application

Private Application

Here the emphasis is on relaxation and well-being. This can be attained by self-application or by giving/receiving Sound Massage in a circle of family or friends.

Wellness and Beauty Industry
Inner calm, self-confidence, and health are the main factors determining a person’s appearance. Sound Massage achieves amazing results for personal well-being and beauty that comes from within.

Massage and Physiotherapy
Application of Sound Massage with acute physical problems. Blockages/tensions can be perceived consciously resulting in a quicker recovery process. Interrelated events that are the cause for particular symptoms can be identified as the Sound Massage is a holistic healing method. Furthermore the patient is able to experience the Sound Massage treatment as non-invasive, very pleasant and gentle.


(Practiced by Physicians)

By way of its relaxing and pain-relieving effects Sound Massage can support, sometimes substitute, medical treatment and speed up the healing process in cases such as damaged discs, abdominal, digestive and heart problems, painful joints and bad circulation, low blood pressure as well as many other health problems. It facilitates a relaxed, open and co-operative atmosphere for doctor/client talks.

Therapy and Psychotherapy 

(Practiced by qualified therapists)
In this wide area of application Sound Massage has proven to be an excellent method to relax clients deeply and effortlessly in a very short time. Subsequently from within this deep relaxation, the respective therapeutic process can begin and effectively initiate personal transformation.

Other areas of employment (Practiced by qualified experts)
Obstetrics, nurseries and schools, retirement and nursing homes, working with disabled people, speech therapy, palliative care, dementia Care, etc.

Therapeutic Mugs

The Peter-Hess Academy Guatemala works exclusively with Peter Hess® singing bowls to ensure optimum quality. Peter Hess® therapeutic singing bowls are made of a mixture of 12 high quality metals that, following tradition.

During the forging process, it is subjected to specific techniques and undergoes many other stages, finally, the singing bowl reaches the desired degree of hardness and optimum surface quality. The sound of the bowl becomes particularly harmonious after several heat treatments.

To manufacture a bowl weighing approximately two kilograms, up to five workers working together and more than 30 working hours in total are required.
The connection between the high quality of the raw materials, the skill of the blacksmiths and the meticulous evaluations and selections made by the Peter Hess teams guarantee optimum sound and vibration quality in the singing bowls.

In addition, it is important to note that Peter Hess singing bowls undergo two rigorous tests in different laboratories in Germany to verify if they have the right frequencies before receiving their quality seal.

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